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Antons Video Productions is a vastly experienced, well-recognized, and award winning provider of video production and related services. With our TV station quality studio equipment, our service has set a quality benchmark for the whole industry. This is very important for our high-profile clients such as The Australian Government and Australian and International Businesses.


We have utilized the powerful medium of video in today's world to inform, educate, train, persuade, entertain, and captivate audiences effectively. This is valuable for a wide spectrum of companies young and old, big and small, traditional and entrepreneurial.

Our vast experience spans right from 1985 when Anton Strauss first started the business, trading under the name "Antons Film and Video Productions". Then in 1997 Antons Video Productions Pty Ltd was formed. Over the years, the range of services has grown to include video and computer equipment sales and support plus web design and hosting. Specialties have developed in sales, training and corporate DVD and Videos, DVD and Video duplication and Video to DVD conversion.

Over this period, several awards have been won for video production, TV commercials, and web design. High standards permeate the full range of our services. Anton Strauss is the first New South Wales Video Producer to achieve the Advanced Accreditation by the Australian Video Producers Association. He has also won Awards for Excellence in corporate DVD & Video productions.

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